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Ville Availa is a digitalization and circular economy entrepreneur, keynote speaker, transformation director and professional board member. He has over 25 year experience in leading enterprises and developing businesses in several industries.

Megatrends and transformation will be always in focus then Ville is working on something. He was only 18 years when finding his first company, Ambientia, focusing on digitalization and e-commerce. Global warming and sustainable growth were drivers while starting up the second company, Double Round, that works with management consulting in the field of the circular economy.

When acting as the regional chairman of the Finnish Technology Industries at Häme area Ville has gained experience and found perspective from the industrial sector. Ville is a board member in several companies, associations and organizations.

Ville wanted to reached to the next level as a director, leader, business developer and advisor. That’s why he started an Executive MBA studies at the Aalto University in 2019 and graduated in 2021.

Today his primary job is working as the transformation & growth director at Tangible Growth. Ville is also working for Ambientia Group in the role of the transformation executive and for Double Round as the senior business advisor. In addition Ville can be seen on a stage as a keynote speaker or moderator in different conferences, events and webinars.

The balance between working and freetime can be found from nature, running, gym, skiing, snowboarding, sauna or several social events.


So far Ville has helped several domestic and international corporations and public organizations to develop their businesses and processes: Konecranes, Eni Norge, Elenia, Elcoline, Exel, F-Secure, Finnair, Bewi, Timecap, Aspo, Mandatum, Metsä Tissue, Nokia, SFW Krantechnik, Nordea, Raute, Telia, National Treasury, Finnish Museums Association, The Finnish Golf Association, Heureka – the Finnish Science Centre, City of Hämeenlinna, City of Tampere, The University of the Arts Helsinki, Häme University of Applied Sciences, Keuda, AEL and many others.

”Transformation will be always slower and more influential process in a long run than people would expect.”



CURRENT positions of responsibility

Previous positions of responsibility


  • Executive MBA, Aalto University 2019-2021
  • SME Management (PK-Joko), Häme University of Applied Sciences 2003-2004
  • Hämeenlinna Lyseo High School 1993-1997



You can reach Ville by phone +358 40 514 5939 or by email

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